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The SICEMAM (Expert Cyber System for the Collection, Storage, Management and Transfer of Knowledge in the Maintenance of Military Aircraft) was developed from 2012 to 2015 and was financed by the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness (formerly the Ministry of Science and Innovation) within the INNPACTO Programme, filed as IPT-2012-1121-370000.


The project was coordinated by ITP Aero in collaboration with the University of Salamanca and with the participation of the Spanish Air Force as its final user.

The aim of the project is to develop a cybernetic system which provides effective assistance to operators doing maintenance work on military and commercial aircraft, and to store the knowledge generated during use with intentions of continuous improvement and the preservation and passing of information. Operations include inspection, assembly and disassembly tasks, as well as repair procedures.

The project is split into four independent modules (a capture and 3D processing module, an augmented reality module for component recognition, a virtual reality module for training and another virtual reality module for capturing expert knowledge) along with a shared database.

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