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The DESAFIO ("Development of high-reliability rotating parts manufacturing systems with high surface integrity requirements") Project was developed between 2010 and 2013 and financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (later Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), under the INNPACTO program, file number IPT-370000-2010-7.


The project was coordinated by ITP Aero in collaboration with Etxe-Tar S.A., GMTK Multi-Process Machining S.A., LAIP S.A., Mondragón Goi Eskola Politeknikoa José María Arizmendiarreta S. Coop., EKIN S. Coop. and the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herrico Unibertsitatea.

The goal of this project is innovation in products and processes related to the manufacturing of turbine discs with high reliability in aspects related to surface integrity while achieving manufacturing cost reductions that allow improving participants' competitiveness across five manufacturing processes (turning, broaching, milling, drilling and finishing), through the following activities:

  • Conceptual design and development of process best practices in order to study and characterize the current turbine disc manufacturing cycle with the purpose of designing new process sequences based on new machines and best practices.
  • Process monitoring aimed at surface integrity in order to manufacture turbine discs, guaranteeing a constant level of quality in parts by establishing the best defect detection system and increasing the level of knowledge of surface defect generation processes.
  • Validation of surface integrity and component life, with the purpose of defining the acceptable limits for each of the technologies regarding surface conditions and the establishment of new working conditions that can guarantee the surface integrity and fatigue life of parts being built at present, as well as exploring the velocity limits of different tools and new materials and/or designs.
  • Demonstration of the technology acquired in the representative platform, particularly with respect to multitasking machines and actual parts. Testing in a GMTK-Albicein multi-process vertical milling machine of alternative processes to broaching during chipping of fir-trees, using a straight carved head. Development of mills-gashers with interchangeable hard metal plates, featuring tangential and radial cut geometries and development of a helical carving-gashing head.
  • Integration, technology watch, spreading and exploitation of the aforementioned activities.


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