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ITP Aero's facility in Zamudio was opened in 1991. Gas turbine components are designed and manufacturated in this plant. It has a surface of 130,071 m²,  33,002 m² of which are built upon.

Zamudio manufactures different turbine components, casing of titanium and other materials, ducts and pipelines, as well as nozzles, convergent-divergent and vectorial, being the only manufacturer in Europe that develops this last one, and other high technology accesories. The engineering area, where new produts are designed and developed, is also located in this centre.

ITP Aero's facilities in the Technology Park of Zamudio find themselves in a privileged spot, only 12 km away from Bilbao:

  • 3 km from the Bilbao International Airport.
  • 16 km from the Port of Bilbao.
  • Directy connected with the european highway network.

Direct contact

Tel.: +34 944 662 100
Parque Tecnológico, Edificio 300
48170 Zamudio
Bizkaia - España

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ITP Aero Externals subsidiary is in charge of manufacturing pipe components, including the facility Hyderabad (India) and the fittings plant in Querétaro, which produces parts for the Spain and Mexico production plants. This fitting machining plant complements the existing plant in India and is part of the strategic growth objective that seeks to guarantee capacity and competitiveness.

Likewise, the Alcobendas (Madrid) Externals design centre works with the development capacity that the Zamudio facility has. ITP Aero Externals counts with all the basic services, which include planning and delivery, quality, logistics, human resources, manufacturing technologies and procurement.


Direct contact

Tel.: +34 944 662 100
Industrial Park Ugaldeguren 1, Plot 1-3
48170 Zamudio - Bizkaia - Spain

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