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Excellence in management with a clear focus on customer satisfaction, the quality of our employees' working lives and environmental responsibility represent key objectives for ITP Aero. They are main factors in our competitiveness, our longevity and our sustainable development.

The management of these three areas is an activity that is integrated within every aspect of the organisation. Objectives and targets are planned and set to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality system and the quality of working life here while also minimising environmental impact with a preventive focus. We thus seek to satisfy all of our stakeholders based on our knowledge of their expectations and requirements.

A fundamental part of achieving these aims is the participation and contribution of all those of us who make ITP Aero. It is for this reason that from the leadership provided by management and throughout the company we promote teamwork and the involvement of everyone through communication and capacitation.

ITP Aero makes its policies public and seeks to collaborate with customers, suppliers, associations, institutions and with overall society to spread and strengthen these commitments. ITP Aero shows a clear customer focus and we consider our suppliers to be integral part of our value chain, sharing goals and working together to achieve them. ITP Aero is committed to sustainable development, generating wealth and employment.

ITP Aero is also firmly committed to compliance with all its legal and statutory requirements in quality, labour risk prevention environmental matters. We have systems which allow us to identify, adapt and implement such requirements prior to their implementation.

ITP Aero has adopted the EFQM Model of Excellence as the reference point for its management and as a basis for continuous improvement in customer service, quality of working life and environmental performance in all areas of the organisation.



  • ITP Aero Environmental Statement 2017
    PDF document
  • Castings Environmental Statement 2017
    PDF document

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